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Sections: Materials - Rendering

- Shows material thumbnails to help identify materials
- You can now choose if you want to change materials in:
-The current selection
-The whole model (does not include component definitions)
-Component definitions.

Is much faster, especially for replacing a number of materials.
- You can now identify where materials have been used in the model by selecting one of the following mechanisms:
- Construction Lines - Will draw construction lines on the entities that has selected materials applied.
- Layers - Will highlight the faces and component instances with selected materials in the model while changing all other surfaces to near transparent
- Selecting all entities with the selected materials applied.

- Allows you to list components that contain the selected materials in their definitions.

Version 2.2.0.

See link below for more details

How to install: Special, see Documentation.
UI Location: Toolbar

SketchUp version: 8
Windows supportedMac supported

Added to the site on 14 January 2013


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