Drop Zone plugin Installer

No plugin file available for download on the RLD. Take a look at the description for more information.

by thomthom

Sections: Files - Misc

Drag and Drop installation of RB, RBS, RBZ and ZIP packages.

This plugin makes use of new HTML5 technology, therefore a modern IE or WebKit installed on the computer is required.

Windows: Need at least Internet Explorer 10

OSX: Currently incompatible. When the SketchUp window looses focus the toolwindows disappear - meaning there isn't any target to drop onto.

As requested by the author, this plugin is no longer hosted here.
Please follow the link to download it.

How to install: Special, see Documentation.
UI Location: Window

SketchUp version: 8
Windows supportedMac NOT supported

Added to the site on 19 March 2013


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