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by Fredo6

Sections: Architecture

Generates Terrains from iso-contours, that is, contours which have a constant or quasi-constant altitude.
TopoShaper works in 4 steps:

Selection of Contours , usually by pre-selecting a group containing the contours before launching TopoShaper
Cleansing Contours, which can be useful when contours are imported as DWG files. In version 1.0, the Cleansing covers the exclusion / inclusion of contours, their simplification, automatic and manual junctions and removal of small hooks.
Calculation of Terrain and Preview. The Terrain is computed on a rectangular grid. You can change the grid resolution and have option to configure the hilltops and basins.
Generation of the Terrain Surface as a quad-mesh surface enclosed in a group. Optionally you can include the Skirt and the contours.

How to install: Unzip in Plugins folder.
UI Location: Toolbar

SketchUp version: 8
Windows supportedMac supported

Added to the site on 27 April 2013


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