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© John McClenahan 2013 and Trimble Navigation Ltd Sketchup Team 2013
This plugin enables Sketchup users to draw and subsequently edit a range of common
geometric shapes by specifying in a dialogue box their size and (where relevant) the number of segments to use when drawing shapes based on circles or polygons.

The plugin installs a Shapes sub-menu in the standard Sketchup Draw menu, with a selection of shapes chosen from a sub-sub-menu:
• Box
• Cylinder
• Cone
• Torus
• Tube
• Prism
• Pyramid
• Dome
• Sphere

Edit the parameters to the desired size and (where relevant) number of segments or sides to use, and click [OK]. The shape is then drawn located at the axis origin [0,0,0] as a Group.

The drawn shape can be undone in one operation using Ctrl+Z or Alt+Backspace keyboard
shortcut, or using the Edit/Undo menu, or once undone, can be re-done by using the menu
Edit/Redo… Shapes, or Ctrl+Y immediately, before issuing any other command.
When any previously drawn Shape is selected, a right-click Context menu (Edit…Shapes)
allows the user to change any of its defining parameters using a pop-up dialogue.
The plugin uses two other Ruby scripts – parametric.rb and mesh_additions.rb – which are
included in the .rbz plugin file and automatically installed along with the shapes.rb file.

It has only been tested by me on Windows 7 Pro and Sketchup 2013, but will probably work
on earlier versions of Sketchup, on Windows XP or later. I have no way of

How to install: Special, see Documentation.
UI Location: Draw

SketchUp version: 13
Windows supportedMac supported

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