Move Along

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by Fredo6

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Allows Moving and Copying entities, as well as Rotating components and groups by their center along axes.
MoveAlong is similar to the native Sketchup Move tool but provides some additional features:

Additional inferences (centers of arc, face, component / group)
Additional auto-lock directions
Lock of custom direction
Move along Direction, with possibility to pick and choose direction in the model
Move along Plane, with possibility to pick and choose plane in the model
Non interactive Move (easier to reach targets that would be occulted by the moving object)

MoveAlong supports the other features of the native SU Move tool: copy, multiple copies, locking on axes, rotation of group / component, etc…

Part of FredoTools

How to install: Special, see Documentation.
UI Location: Toolbar

SketchUp version: 13
Windows supportedMac supported

Added to the site on 28 April 2014


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