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by Fredo6

Sections: Geometry - Drawing ; Edit

Complete set of polylines and splines curves commands: create, modify, convert. Cubic Bezier spline curve2, Uniform B-Spline, Polylines, modification of precision, add/delete control points, support of loop closing, conversion of any curve to spline curves, language translation support (French, German, English, Hungarian, Portugese). Doc included.
Version 1.4f released Jan.23th 2011.

How to install: Unzip in Plugins folder.
UI Location: Toolbar

SketchUp version: 5
Windows supportedMac supported

Added to the site on 24 January 2008


Jan 31st

emily said:

can't seem to always make a plane when i close the loop... any suggestions?

Dec 10th

valdo said:

Excellent tool! Very much needed. Provides a lot of control for geometry such as rd centerolines etc. Thanks

Oct 17th

Anton said:

Wow!, thanks, it is a VERY Proffetional tool!

Oct 9th

kris said:

my hp laptop won't draw cubic bezier curves anymore. it used to...same result in su 7 and 8


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