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by D. Bur

Sections: Animation - Camera ; Architecture ; Materials - Rendering ; Files - Misc

Exports model to the freeware rendering engine Pov-Ray.· SketchUp scene support: ground, background, fog, render mode settings, perspective and orthographic camera, sun light, point lights, spot lights, automatic coloring and intensity of sun light and of shadows, unlimited nested levels for groups/components, UV maps support for textured objects and imported images, clay render, glass render, clay-glass render, textures & X-Ray render, images output with/without alpha mask.

Doc, tutorial and sample files included.

Version 3.4 changes:
- Simplified interface of su2pov settings: outdoor/indoor radio buttons, quality slider added, less defaults finishes, brightness slider added, tweaked the radiosity settings to make the rendering slightly faster,
- FaceMe components: better conversion to make alpha channel of images completely invisible,
- Lights: 6 colors of lights added, cast shadows checkbox added
- Image settings: more images sizes, 16:9 ratio added, bugs in radio buttons fixed
- Materials: custom finish removed, 24 presets added, 36 surfaces aspects added
- Save as dialog added
- SkyBox (panoramic background image) added.
- HDR lighting added
- Save/restore settings by scene

See SU2POV Main page for détails.
WARNING: previous version had a wrong folders structure. Please uninstall it and re-install this one:
Version 3.5, August 31th 2010

How to install: Unzip in Plugins folder.
UI Location: Toolbar

SketchUp version: 7
Windows supportedMac supported

Added to the site on 21 April 2008


Mar 30th

Emilio said:

Is there going to be a version for SketchUp 8 ? does the current version works in v8? it says 6/7 but I wonder if somebody tested it with v8.

Mar 22nd

BarraGan said:

hola .. gracias por este plugin.. creen que podria crear cesped o pasto para la version siguiente

Mar 16th

arq said:

hola .. he hestado renderizando con pov ray pero hay unpequeño herror en casos donde he renderizado con niebla y hay objetos .PNG.. donde la parte transparente toma funcion de cristal...
si hay un arbol 2D.PNG se ve como si estubiera pegado en un Cristal... aunque le quites los parametros del cristal

Mar 15th

D. Bur (admin) said:

@Warcos: hem hem, sorry I don't speak spanish...

Mar 14th

Warcos said:

encantado con este Plugin... no me interesa el tiempo de renderizado.. exactamente es lo que siempre busque para obtener resultados realistas...

oye crees que le podrias agregar a la version proxima una especie de preset que genere Pasto?????

Jan 22nd

acfor said:

Est-il logique de ne télécharger que la version du 30 Aout?

Dec 9th

ZHirnov Maxim said:

Why su2pov may not create a ".pov" file? I click on "Render !" and nothing happens... ".pov" is associated to "pvengine.exe".

Nov 19th

bill said:


Sep 7th

FM said:

How do I install it on Mac?? There are no PlugIns folder in Skecthup application folder or application support folder...

Sep 4th

Arjay said:

I got the following error when downloading su2pov:
"can not open file .........su2pov/JS/slider.js". I'm new to file extraction; does each file, residing in a folder, have to be extracted individually?

Aug 31st

JB said:

su2pov35 no genera completamente el archivo 'pov'
Probado en SU-7.1.6860 con win7 64 bit.

Aug 28th

BJ said:

Why Dose This Stop Downloading at 99%


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