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by U. Tessel

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This script allows to use Inkscape to create 2D images (for example by using Inkscapes bitmap vectorizer) and to create Sketchup group(s) from the SVG File Inkscape has written. The code will try to keep the hierarchy of the SVG file, so you will get a whole tree of groups if you had one in your SVG File.

How to install: Just drop it in Plugins folder.
UI Location: Plugins

SketchUp version: 6
Windows supportedMac supported

Added to the site on 22 August 2008


Dec 5th

svguser said:

@Tristan: bezier.rb can be found in this repository:

You also need to download the rexml package, from a standard Ruby install or e.g.

put the rexml folder with the .rb files (for the above download it is under rexml_x.x.x.x/src/ ) into the plugins folder.

You also need forwardable.rb and set.rb from a standard Ruby install or from:

After all this you should get a menu option called "Plugins" with an "Import SVG" option.

Sep 13th

D. Bur (admin) said:

Learn french please ;)
And the error should read "bezier.rb" is missing, not "Beizer" ?

Sep 12th

Tristan said:

@D.Bur and jeremy
English please --'
Also an error comes up saying "Beizer.rb is missing"

Aug 21st

D. Bur (admin) said:

Ce plugin fonctionne sur SU7 aussi (la version indiquée sur la page du plugin est la version minimale, donc 6 signifie "6 ou ultérieur").
Il n'y a pas eu de mise à jour de ce plugin depuis la version initiale.

Aug 19th

jérémy kiffer said:

existerait-il une version de ce plugin pour Sketch'up 7 ?


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