Bitmap To Mesh

No plugin file available for download on the RLD. Take a look at the description for more information.

by thomthom

Sections: Architecture ; Geometry - Drawing

Generates a mesh from a given BMP image.
This is a quick experimental alpha release!

* Bitmaps with flipped row order might not work.
* At the moment the mesh is generated as 10x10x10meters at the model origin - move and scale as needed afterwards.
* Colour BMP images will convert the RGB value to an average of the values - not optical greyscale.

Version 0.2.0

As requested by the author, this plugin is no longer hosted here.
Please follow the link to download it.

How to install: Just drop it in Plugins folder.
UI Location: Plugins

SketchUp version: 7
Windows supportedMac supported

Added to the site on 30 September 2010


Dec 22nd

Jaime said:

Seems the URL for the Required link ( is wrong and should be changed to

Thanks, fixed.

Oct 13th

leon said:

no Library folder????


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