Silhouette to Plane

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by TIG

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Flattens (projects) the selected geometry onto the selected workplane. edges are inspected and only those that are needed to form a fully faced 'silhouette' WITHOUT cut-outs are retained.

v 1.1. Oct 23rd 2010

How to install: Just drop it in Plugins folder.
UI Location: Plugins

SketchUp version: 7
Windows supportedMac supported

Added to the site on 23 October 2010


Jan 29th

D. Bur (admin) said:

@Anon: yes but you must have WorkPlane plugin installed to use this one, and #WorkPlane.rb is included in WorkPlane plugin.

Load this and you're OK:

Jan 28th

Anon said:

The script requires sketchup to load a subscript #WorkPlane.rb which is not apparently embedded.


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