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by G. Wydouw

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Tries to fix problems with groups that suppose to be solids but don't show up like a solid in SU.
* remove single edges,
* remove separate faces,
* remove edges between coplanar faces,
* remove inner faces,
* remove all edges with only 1 face connected,

Usage: Select group and right-click.

Version 1.5.

How to install: Just drop it in Plugins folder.
UI Location: Context menu

SketchUp version: 8
Windows supportedMac supported

Added to the site on 17 December 2010


Mar 21st

AeaeaActual said:

May I just say that you are a scholar and a gentleman. That just saved me untold hours of work. Thank youl

Feb 14th

AndyMan said:

It worked a treat on a Jar I've created. I selected Risky fix? 'No' and Fix coplanar faces? 'Yes'. (Did not like the sound of Risky Fix!) [but I'll try it out later!!]
It deleted some faces, I had to draw them back in. I found if I simplified curves in the error areas it solved the problem better/quicker. You have to repeat this process a few time until the fix is complete ie a solid is made. It also added a horizontal face inside the jar (which I did not want and deleted!), but when I resolved a problem in that area it did not reappear when I ran Fix Solid.
Great Thanks


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