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by DukeJazz

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Automates the loading of another Sketchup.

Features list:
3 mode ( paste in place, paste, or bypass) edit it in dj_another_sketchupAnother_Sketchup_Plus_loader.rb
Also Reference and more idea are inside.
- Paster (Paste in place or paste)
- Replacer" (Select, delete and paste)
- Duplicator (Select sum, Copy and paste)
- Duplicate all (Copy all and paste)
- Point axes (Mark a object outside edge or area with a cpoint and then you set axis)
- Ruby repeat loader (Can load hidden script plug-ins)
- Explorer (Open's explorer to hide or unhide plug-ins for a
select all to another sketchup)
- Extensions (Set extensions to another sketchup on/off)
- Move select (Move select to another sketchup)
- Send select (Send select to another sketchup)
- Send select all (Send select all to another sketchup.
Restart Entities objects and flushes script plugins)
- Non selected Move (Clipboard info is sent to another sketchup)
- Non selected Select (Clipboard info is sent to another sketchup)
- Select exit (Copy selected then exit sketchup)
- Select all exit (Copy all then exit sketchup)
- Clear exit (Clear clipboard then exit sketchup)
- Clear paste (Clear clipboard)
- Non Select exit (Keeps Clipboard then exit)

Quick reference image for the toolbar can be downloaded here at the "required file" link.

Version 1.3, May 21st 2012

How to install: Unzip in Plugins folder.
UI Location: Toolbar

SketchUp version: 6
Windows supportedMac NOT supported

Added to the site on 28 December 2011


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